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One of the functions we miss when using Windows is the picture resizer, although we can find some easy applications that allow us to resize our pictures without having to know a lot about photo edition. One of those applications is Cool Resizer.

Cool Resizer is not an advanced photo edition program, it only allows you to resize the pictures, but it does it quickly, with no extra or difficult steps and the results are very good.

The interface is very simple and intuitive, You have a file explorer where you can choose the folder and the pictures you want to resize. Choose the pictures you want to resize and preview them in the preview window.

Once you choose the photo you want to resize, you only have to choose the output size and click the Resize button and you'll have the picture converteed and stored ina folder namedresized.

If you want to resize your photos but you don't want to learn how to do it in a photo edition program Cool Resizer is a very good choice.

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